Arrival – Blog #02

Published on June 20th, 2016

And then it was 8 am on Saturday. The doors of DreamHack opened as we just drove a good 1300 kilometres to get there. The drive with the small 6 person bus was mostly very relaxed. We took it easy and enjoyed the trip with lots of music, movies and relaxing stops. Especially ‘Scandinavian Park’ was an experience we’ve never had. Imagine your local grocery store but then with every item in a ‘huge’ category. Especially the candy and alcohol section were something to be seen.

A few things we did notice with driving on our own is:
– Germany is still Germany. More ‘baustellen’ then actual free road.
– Denmark sucks for driving nighttime. Imagine Belgium but then pitchdark and no real lines on the road.
– The Oresundbridge is still as mighty as ever.
– Sweden border control was pretty chill.
– You can’t sleep in a bus. Period. Either it being a touring bus or a person van.

After getting the bands sorted, setting up our row and looking around the venue for a bit we decided it was high time for a long shower and some much needed sleep. A few hours later we entered the venue fresh and awake. After a nice dinner at Alfred (pro tip: Never get the sauce. And if you want sauce: get it on the side) it was time for some gaming, meeting up with old friends and not to forget going out in the city.


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