Packers at DreamHack

Published on October 12th, 2017

With so many things to do at the largest digital festival of Europe, you’re almost guaranteed to have everyone enjoy a different experience during their time at DreamHack. For us it’s very simple. We arrange for a bus, load up everyone’s gear and make sure the seats are occupied and then we take all the Packers with us to Sweden where we set them free to explore the venue. How the Packers spend the rest of their time is entirely up to them and that’s one of the things that makes this event so interesting.

Whether you plan on watching the professional esports tournaments, hang around the booths in the expo, party all day long with your favorite Swedes or just want to play games with friends, it’s all possible. Over the years we’ve had all sorts of Packers with us on the bus, each one with their own interests. Professional gamers, teams, streamers, cosplayers, camera crews, you name it, all with their own goal in mind. Some of them we don’t see for the entire weekend only for them to return to the bus with a giant smile on their face.

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Every now and then we ask one of our Packers to write a small story for our blogs. Not only to record their own (Pack4)DreamHack experiences but also to later share these stories with new Packers. These are great for newcomers to get a sense of what to expect from the event, but are also fun for veteran visitors to see what other people do with their time in Sweden. Below we’ve listed a few of the blogs we’ve gathered over the years for you to read.

Blog: Aster and Thijs
Blog: Danny and Patrick
Blog: Samantha in Sweden
Blog: From then to now
Blog: Furcas at DreamHack
Blog: From DreamHack
Blog: There and back again

Join us on our biannual roadtrip to DreamHack, Sweden and create your own Pack4DreamHack experience!

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