How our lost sheep came back home…

Published on December 1st, 2010

Sadly not everything can go perfectly when arranging a trip for 85 people. One of our sheep missed our bus’ departure time and got stuck behind in Sweden… This is his story:

The Intel Pack4Dreamhack trip was an amazing trip and experience for me. It was the perfect match between hobby and holiday, it couldn’t be better you think. Beside this was also a holiday I’ve met some great people which really have accomplished a lot. Not did they accomplish a lot, but also made this trip possible for me and the 84 others. After a while I started to realize that this is the Lan party where everyone wants to go too. It’s the biggest and the coolest lan party in the world!

But every event has a start and an end, so does this event. At the end of the event there was nothing to complain nor to fear about, until the last day. The last they was a hell.. After I woke up early (7.15) that morning, I had no idea what was waiting for me, I thought it was a day like no other on the event. When I tried to get to the place where we should go back to the Netherlands, I tried to get a cab, because my hotel was 3.5 kilometers away from that point. One problem remained, everyone was trying to get away and there were no cabs available until 10.15! So you can feel it coming, the bus drove away without me, unfortunately. I tried calling everyone I know on that bus, but for some reason I couldn’t reach anyone! They already were 2 hours away from me… I had to catch up with them some way or the other. So after talking with my parents, I decided to take the airplane back to the Netherlands, yes the airplane. I didn’t see another way to catch up with them or to reach them somehow. I called the cab and there I was, alone, at Jönköping airport 40 minutes later.

It was a dead, and unpleasant place to be. Especially because there was nobody around, just two people were sitting there waiting for the next flight to Stockholm. Not only there were two people which were sitting there, but even the customer service was unmanned! After a while the customer service turned up and I had to get on that plane to Stockholm, after some credit card issues, I finally got a flight to Stockholm. That wasn’t the only flight I would take that day, the complete flight was from Jönköping to Stockholm, from Stockholm to Copenhagen and then the final flight from Copenhagen to Amsterdam. It took me 8 hours to get back in the Netherlands, but I was 1-2 hours earlier than all the other people in the bus.. I came home, sad of this being an experience which gives my DreamHack experience a nasty taste in my mouth, I did enjoy the rest of my trip!

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  1. Posted by SnowY on December 1st, 2010, 22:03

    8 hours :p that’s long, normally takes like 3 hours :p

  2. Posted by Pack4Dreamhack Crew on December 1st, 2010, 22:06

    Yeah, he took the most expensive route to be taken :p. Going to Gothenburg by bus/train and then hopping on a plane would’ve been much cheaper, but ah well, he came home, that’s the most important thing 😀

  3. Posted by Bunga on December 2nd, 2010, 12:25

    wow, what a story!! I hope that in a year or so you can laugh about it… but i can imagine it tastes bitter at the moment! I hope it doesn’t stop you to come along again next time :).