Buy your tickets for P4DHW 2016!

Published on October 25th, 2016


After taking an unwanted break from Pack4DreamHack last summer, we’re back once again! Well, to be honest it’s up to you if we’re back or not. Since our precious sponsor decided to walk another road it looks like we’re doing a sponsorless trip this year. Our sponsors over the past few years sponsored quite a bit financially, which means that our new Pack4DreamHack price is more than it was before.

The Pack4DreamHack price is € 250. This is still quite cheap; for this money you will get the bus trip to Sweden as well as a ticket and a seat in our row. We will need a minimum of 58 passengers before we’re able to go. Additionally you are able to buy the Pack4DreamHack zip hoodie for € 25 and we will need a minimum of 20 orders for the zip hoodie to actually happen. It’s not possible to cancel your orders, but we will of course restitute anything you paid if we have to cancel the trip or the zip hoodie.

That being said, we are absolutely looking forward to having you as a guest in our bus. We hereby open our ticket sale, so go ahead and buy your ticket! After buying you will receive a seperate email from us with a link to a form which we need you to fill in.

What: Pack4DreamHack Winter 2016
When: November 23-28
Who: First come, first serve
Tickets: Below

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