DreamHack goes DOTA2

Published on October 28th, 2013


For the past few years DreamHack has not only been organizing their normal LAN events, but also became one of the leaders in the e-sports scene. With their own DreamHack Open, one of the most professional StarCraft 2 leagues around right now, they have set the bar on production levels time and time again. After the earlier announcement they would be doing a $250.000 Counter-Strike finale at DreamHack Winter, they are back once again with more great e-sports news.

Moba games have been on the frontlines of the current e-sports boost that is going on with games like League of Legends. Another hugely popular Moba game in the past year has been DotA2, the game that started its e-sport history off with a $ 1.000.000 tournament a little over a year ago. Growing more popular by the minute, DotA2 is fast becoming one of the most popular e-sport games in the history of gaming. In its latest announcement, DreamHack put up their plans for a new e-sports league much like the already known DreamHack Open league. Only this time the game will be DotA2!

To start off the league, which will officially commence in 2014, DreamHack will organize a Kick-Off Season in which the finals will be played during DreamHack Winter 2013. With six of the top DOTA2 teams, like Team Liquid and Na’Vi, and a $50.000 prize purse, this already promises to be one of the more prestigious DotA2 leagues around. And after the Kick-Off season the real league will start. For more information, read the whole explanatory post at the DreamHack site.

Announcement Trailer

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  1. Posted by Invertex on October 28th, 2013, 22:32

    Correct: It started off with a $1,600,000 tournament, not a $1,000,000 league. So even bigger. League implies it’s split up across a bunch of smaller tournaments like LoL’s LCS, which it wasn’t.