DreamHack News Updates

Published on November 10th, 2017

DreamHack has announced a ton of fun stuff since last time we checked. Most of the announcements focus on the BYOC tournaments, open for all visitors to participate in. But there’s also some other interesting news if you like the musical performances or are a fan of professional eSports teams. Let’s have a look!

BYOC Tournaments:
CS:GO Female
CS:GO Junior
CS:GO Free for All
StarCraft II
League of Legends

eSports teams visiting DreamHack:
Team Envyus

Musical Performances:
Mr. Weebl, known for his amazing meme-songs like “Amazing Horse” and “Badgers”
Bass Modulators

Looks like there’s enough entertainment to please an entire country!
Tickets for Pack4DreamHack Winter 2017 are still available until the 13th of November, after which we’ll close the ticketshop. The time for holding out on buying a ticket is almost over.


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