Get your P4DH Hoodies now!

Published on November 1st, 2016

Our special Pack4DreamHack zipped hoodies are among the most prized goodies we have to offer. Warm and overly fashionable, these hoodies will keep you snug during your visit to DreamHack. As mentioned before, you can buy one of these exclusive, limited edition zip hoodies for only € 25 to go with your Pack4DreamHack Winter 2016 trip to Jönköping. Our hoodies are available in Classic Black, sizes  and will have our logo’s printed on the back and the chest. Currently we do not have a picture of these awesome hoodies yet, but will add one as soon as possible. For reference, look up one of our older videos showcasing the Pack4DreamHack zipped hoodie.

Really want one of those limited hoodies but waiting for your next paycheck to come in? Don’t wait too long, because orders are open until November 14th, after which we will close the orders for the hoodies to get them printed. Remember, we need a minimum of 20 orders for it to actually happen so tell your friends! You can get them here.

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