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Published on September 26th, 2018

We have been working together with Tweakers for a while now, brainstorming and thinking of how to create a fun, new event for gamers. We managed to combine esports, lan and a gaming gear exposition, which resulted in Tweakers Gaming Live, which will be held in the Brabanthallen from November 9th until November 11th 2018! This event will include the usual comfortable lan-experience that you’ve come to expect from us, but will also have even more action-packed competitions and even more cool shows!

At this point 6 competitions have already been set in stone, of which 3 are esports tournaments and 3 are lan tournaments. The esports tournaments will have some really great teams competing, which have been specially invited. However, don’t fret, there will also be enough spots for lan-visitors to grab a spot in the finals. So do you have a really great team of friends and do you guys think that you can beat the pros easily? Come and lan with us and get yourself qualified for the finals!
The three major esports competitions will be Counter Strike: Global Offensive, Hearthstone and League of Legends. Interested in the pro teams that are competing? For CS:GO we have Defusekids, Edevia, Spawn Esports, REXO Gaming and mCon esports. For League of Legends we have Sector One, New Dynasty and Echo Zulu. Hearthstone also has some invited players of course. This edition we will be joined by Mitsuhide (Red Reserve), Chinoize (Sector One), Maverick (ArmaTeam), Patryn (New Dynasty) and Badajimpom (Echo Zulu).

The lan competitions, as the name might suggest, don’t have pre-invited teams, but will just be about the best teams at the lan. There will be an ROG Fortnite competition, a Rocket League competition and a Starcraft II competition, but more might be announced soon.

There will be more than enough to do and see for people who aren’t really interested in esports or competitions as well. There will be a grand cosplay show, a tinkering area, a speedrunning demo by the one and only SevenS1ns and a proper indie area filled with relatively unknown, yet amazing games.

Convinced yet? Purchase your tickets here.
Would you like to know more about the esports teams competing? Check out these links.
* Defusekids
* Spawn Esport
* REXO Gaming
* Sector One
* New Dynasty
* Echo Zulu
* Red Reserve
* ArmaTeam
mCon esports

Would you like to know more about the Hearthstone players competing? Check out these links.


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