Pack4DreamHack is a GO!

Published on November 7th, 2016

As we all know, this winter’s edition was a bit sketchy concerning whether or not we’d be able to continue our beloved roadtrip to DreamHack, Sweden. Now, after a few scary weeks for both us and our Packers, we can officially confirm that Pack4DreamHack Winter 2016 has been greenlighted! This means our Packers who signed up for this edition no longer have to wait and get to go with us to Jönköping.

There is still one little change. We will not be going with our regular double-decker bus that we’re all used to, but instead with a smaller bus. Don’t worry, the trip will still be just as fun and uncomfortable as always. To make this up to you, we can also confirm our favorite busdriver Barry will take us safely to Sweden, so prepare for those K3-singalongs!

Thank you to all those joining us on this wonderful trip this winter. We’re excited to meet you all and have a good time at DreamHack. See you then!


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