The Pack4DreamHack Packlist

Published on November 17th, 2016

By now we’re getting to that point where you have to start thinking about organizing your stuff for DreamHack, what to bring and what to leave behind. Packing for an event is usually an enormous undertaking for most of us, because what if disaster strikes and you happen to forget your keyboard, your pillow or something else important? To help you with that problem, here’s a convenient packlist to remind you of the general and important things to pack before we leave for Sweden.

– Your PC or laptop, including cables (power cable, HDMI, DVI)
– Keyboard, Mouse + mat
– Headset
– Computer monitor + cables (if you need one, NO CRT!)
– Network cable, minimum length of 10 – 15 meters
– Power strip
– Games and software
– Laptop Lock for those in need(!!)
– Other entertainment for on the bus

Personal stuff:
– Clothes and shoes
– Towels
– Sleeping bag/ blanket
– Air mattress or whatever you want to sleep on
– Pillow (also useful for in the bus, so keep that in mind when boarding)
– Toiletry stuff: Toothpaste and brush, shampoo, deodorant etc
– Ear plugs

Other important things (DON’T FORGET THIS!):
– Your personal ID !!
– Money (you can get Swedish Krones right at the venue)
– Mobile chargers

Useful Tidbits:
– Cable ties to secure your stuff
– Duct Tape
– Flashlight
– Aspirin
– Swimming wear (there’s a pool next to the Elmia hallen)

The rest is up to you to not forget, but keep in mind we only have a limited amount of storage space in the bus so don’t bring any massive things like chairs and such.

Get Packing and get going!


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