Ticket sale for Pack4DreamHack Summer 2017 open

Published on January 10th, 2017


Packers who joined us last winter were already informed: we’re starting our ticket sale early this time! Again, it’s up to you if we’re going to DreamHack or not. We’re doing a sponsorless trip (we’re definitely trying to change that), so if there aren’t enough people we’re unfortunately not able to go.

The Pack4DreamHack price is € 250. For this money you will get the bus trip to Sweden as well as a ticket and a seat in our row. We will need a minimum of 58 passengers before we’re able to go. Additionally you are able to buy the Pack4DreamHack t-shirt for € 13 and we will need a minimum of 20 orders for the t-shirt to actually happen. It’s not possible to cancel your orders, but we will of course restitute anything you paid if we have to cancel the trip or the t-shirt.

That being said, we are absolutely looking forward to having you as a guest in our bus. We hereby open our ticket sale, so go ahead and buy your ticket! After buying you will receive a seperate email from us with a link to a form which we need you to fill in.

What: Pack4DreamHack Summer 2017
When: June 16-20
Who: First come, first serve
Tickets: Below

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