What is Pack4DreamHack

Published on December 11th, 2015

By now we’ve had quite a few editions of our unique event behind our belt so our regular visitors know exactly what to expect. But it might just be that you’ve somehow stumbled across our website for the first time or heard crazy stories from a friend and are wondering what it is you get when attending this event.

So what is it?!
Pack4DreamHack is a bi-annual event where we travel from the Netherlands with a bunch of gamers in a touringbus to DreamHack, Jönköping (which is in Sweden). Everyone brings their own pc or laptop for 72 hours of uninterrupted gaming and fun with friends.

What is this “DreamHack” thing you’re speaking of?
DreamHack is the biggest gaming festival of Europe featuring a ton of things to do and see for gamers of all sizes. The biggest reason for us to go is the LAN-area, with over 8000 seats to fill, but of course that’s not the only reason. DreamHack features professional esports tournaments organized for the top players of online competitive games, a huge gaming Expo showcasing the newest gear and games and stellar acts of Swedish and Dutch performers. There is so much to do that you have to see it with your own eyes to believe it.

Something for everyone.
DreamHack has so much to offer that not a single person has to get bored. Even if you don’t like everything there is, there’s still enough to excite you. Are you into cosplay? We’ll sign you up for the official DreamHack Cosplay Competition. Are you a professional gamer or really like watching esports? DreamHack hosts their own BYOC tournaments and is home to some of the biggest official competitions in gaming. Enjoy listening to Hardstyle and House? Almost every night DreamHack hosts a Swedish or Dutch Hardstyle act to get the crowd moving. Of course the biggest part of DreamHack is still gaming with friends in the huge LAN areas. There’s something for everyone!

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